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Your Support is Indispensable

Through this program, individual patrons can help the needy in a pragmatic way while the supporting corporations can establish a good community-caring image as well as elevating the morale of their staff. Therefore, all are welcome to join us in this Grant-in-aid Brightens Children’s Lives Service. Let us join hands to foster an equal learning environment for the under-privileged children and create a brighter future with them.


Various Ways to Contribute


  • Encourage staff members to participate in volunteering services: One of the main features of this program is to establish a sustainable partnership with corporations. The staff members of our partners can organize and participate in different programs for the betterment of the children. Over the past year, we held a number of activities for the children, such as, field trips, English game workshops, and handicraft workshops;

  • Organize material collection campaigns;
  • Assist in promotion, such as, enclosing our program leaflets in the shopping bags to the customers, placing donation boxes in the shops, advertising our program in the corporations' publications.






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