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Morgan Stanley St. James' Cup Charity Golf Tournament in association with The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club 2020
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Project Nature

1. Learning Resources Assistance

Provide learning resources to underprivileged children, sponsored items include school bags, stationery, arts and crafts tools.

Types of materials for collection:




Pencils, ball pens, rubbers, high-light pens, correction pens, glue stick, rulers, scissors, files, staplers, notebooks, etc.

Art and Crafts Tools

Color pencils, crayons, watercolor, palette, sketch books, mixing palette etc.



2. Reading Program

Enhance children's interest in reading through sponsorship of " book fair " visits and reading schemes.




3. Homework Tutorial Assistance Scheme

Enhance children's learning skills and effectiveness through provision of tutorial classes to children and youth from underprivileged families


4. Extra-Curricular Activity Assistance Scheme

Explore and develop children's potential and talent in various aspects through delivering assistance on extra-curricular activities.



5. Experiential activity

Broaden children's horizons through organizing multi-disciplinary activities with corporate volunteers.



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